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As the world begins to adjust to the “new normal” of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders want to take the right steps to ensure the health of their co-workers, families, and communities. Because Health has developed a comprehensive Workplace Health™ Guide to help safely guide your return to normal operations with medical guidance while ensuring that your business stays compliant with stringent OSHA requirements and CDC recommendations.

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Top tips for sexy social distancing during the coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic interfering with our ability to practice our regular daily routine, many newer relationships may have to adjust to your sexual partner not being able to be close and dear.

Some may turn to masturbation, whereas others will struggle with libido during these unprecedented times. It's important to know that both of those reactions to the social distancing measures are normal.  

If you've been socially distanced away from your partner or you want to continue on your journey of sexual self‑discovery, this crisis presents an opportunity for you to explore your sexual desires without restraint or judgment.

With that in mind, here are some tips for achieving sexual gratification while restricted to the four walls of your home.

How to Remain Intimate yet with a Separated Partner

If you're in a relationship, your partner may well be apart from you under social distancing measures. But physically distancing yourself doesn't mean you have to distance yourself emotionally. Remaining intimate will be one of the keys to a relationship surviving this crisis, and there are many ways in which you can achieve this outcome.

Here are just a few ideas to strengthen communication and intimacy between the two of you:

  • Hold regular date nights carried out via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom
  • Pen love letters to each other
  • Order thoughtful gifts online for one another
  • Set up virtual watch parties so you can still watch your favorite TV shows together
  • Sext each other or have virtual sex via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom (on which more later)
  • Communicate your authentic thoughts and feelings as you navigate this period

Remember being kept apart from your partner is going to last a few more months at worst, not years. Thus, you can adapt to your new routine safe in the knowledge that it's only temporary — easing anxiety or stress you may feel about the situation.

Loving in the time of COVID‑19 is a make or break moment for couples. There is stress to contend with, self‑isolation, travel bans, and in some places, there are even lockdowns.

What About Porn? Is that OK?

There's no doubt that porn gets a bad rap, and most of the time, the criticism is deserved. However, that doesn't mean all porn is bad. In fact, it's perfectly normal to watch porn if you find yourself in the mood, and you want to use it to help you to climax.

If you are single, porn can provide an escape and a chance to explore your sexual fantasies. If you are in a relationship, it's wise to discuss your partner's feelings about porn before you engage in viewing it. They may feel uncomfortable with you having orgasms as a result of watching one, two, or even more unconnected individuals having sexual intercourse or foreplay with each other.

Another problem they or you may have with porn is the troublesome industry practices. The millions of people who watch RedTube or PornHub may be completely unaware that the videos they are viewing for free have been made using illegal or exploitative practices. Take the time to understand who the performers are and how to support them as individuals. More often than not, if you didn't pay to view the porn, then the video you watched wasn't created ethically.

Remember, porn is not for sexual education or comparison. Most scenes are faked or staged in some way or another, and you should most definitely avoid comparing your performance or your body image with those you see on screen.

Sexting Can Provide the Gratification You're Looking For During The Coronavirus and Beyond

Sexting is a great way to keep your arousal and sexual gratification levels high during what is a testing time for everyone.

Once you've begun the process, whether you're on the phone or Skype to each other, remember that virtual sex works the same as the real thing. Start slow, perhaps by talking to each in a way that turns both of you on. Don't be afraid to talk dirty to each other. It's part of virtual sex that most struggle with, as you can sometimes feel stupid saying what you want out loud. But if you let go of your inhibition, you're going to get a lot more out of the experience.

Make sure you orgasm too. Just as in contact-to-contact sex, it's always best when both parties are satisfied.

Finally, if you need to take precautions to feel more comfortable with undressing in front of a camera, for example, then software such as Confide can blur any attempted screenshot of messages or visuals.

Enjoy Sex Remotely With the Help of Because Health

The continuing social distancing measures have challenged couples, and many singles without the opportunity to have no-strings-attached sex. Modern technology means that we can still be intimate with our partners and achieve satisfying sexual experiences, whether we have a partner or not.

If you feel like your arousal has been inhibited, or you suffer from common ailments such as vaginal dryness, the sexual health experts at Because Health is on hand to help you achieve a diagnosis and develop a treatment program based on your needs.

Because Health Team
Because Health is a nationwide telemedicine platform that connects patients and specialist physicians through video chat, messaging, and/or in-person office consults. Treatments are facilitated by board-certified physicians, premium prescriptions are custom-formulated, and lab tests comply with CLIA and FDA requirements.