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Safely return to work in compliance with CDC recommendations, OSHA requirements, and expert medical guidance developed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As the world begins to adjust to the “new normal” of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders want to take the right steps to ensure the health of their co-workers, families, and communities. Because Health has developed a comprehensive Workplace Health™ Guide to help safely guide your return to normal operations with medical guidance while ensuring that your business stays compliant with stringent OSHA requirements and CDC recommendations.

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On-site COVID-19 workplace testing just got a whole lot easier

As companies and organizations reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace reentry strategies are crucial to reducing risks of COVID-19 infection within the community.

As new outbreaks and surges in COVID-19 cases are reported across our nation, return-to-work strategies are proving to keep employees, contractors, staff, students, customers, and business owners safe from infection. Workplace reentry programs for COVID-19 improve the overall safety of an organization as business operations resume and continue.

That’s why our medical team at Because Health continues to make it easier for companies to test employees and mitigate coronavirus-related health risks.

"Regular testing is critical as we all work together to lower risks of infection and death in assisted living facilities, academic institutions, retail and grocery chains, restaurants and coffee shops, manufacturing plants—anywhere that people live, work, and gather close to each other," says Anders Boman, founder and CEO of Because Health.

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated its COVID-19 resources to state that employers may test employees for COVID-19 infection before they enter the workplace, since an infected employee who enters the workplace poses a direct threat to the health of others. 

“My employees were feeling anxious about coming back to work. Having on-site testing was really convenient. The medical professionals were excellent.” Thomas Carpi, Owner, Park Towers Management

Our comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant Workplace Health program makes it very easy for companies to test employees onsite and reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace. We help to ensure that your company stays compliant with stringent ADA standards, OSHA requirements, and CDC recommendations as normal operations resume. In addition, we provide fast emergency response if you have been shut down due to a workplace outbreak.

We handle insurance reimbursements so that you can focus on keeping your organization's community healthy and safe.

We Make it Easy 

At Because Health, we help your organization manage its COVID-19 response strategy each step of the way, including your return-to-work programs, policy compliance, workplace exposure risk assessment and mitigation, and so much more. 

Below, discover the 4 main components of our Workplace Health program.

1. Baseline Testing & Repeat Tests

Our PCR diagnostic tests and antibody serological assays are FDA-authorized and processed by CLIA-certified facilities. We provide test results within 72 hours or less. Our super fast turnaround times are in direct contrast to public clinics that experience result wait times of up to five weeks.

2. Risk Assessments & Recommendations

Risk assessments are meant to protect your employees, inform testing strategy, and prevent reintegration of asymptomatic carriers and/or at-risk workers into the workplace. We help ensure that high-risk employees are identified and properly considered. 

3. Wellness Checks & Employer Dashboard

Wellness checks are meant to maintain a healthy work environment by verifying the health of employees before they enter the workplace. We alert you to positive screenings, and escalate cases to a medical professional for a telehealth assessment. 

4. Telehealth Assessment & Guidance

Telemedicine increases the overall effectiveness of your COVID-19 response strategies by immediately connecting at-risk employees with medical professionals. If necessary, employees are remotely monitored and guided toward local medical services to ensure continuity of care. 

Waiting Isn’t an Option

Covid-19 is spread via respiratory droplets, whether someone is symptomatic or asymptomatic.

Screening for infection and symptoms as well as contact tracing play critical roles in reducing COVID-19 infection and resurgence in work environments. In addition, it is medically advised to combine hand hygiene with other infection prevention and control measures, such as social distancing and wearing a mask, to prevent transmission via droplets. 

Our medical team is here to help you further define and implement your company’s COVID-19 response strategy. If you have been shut down due to an outbreak, our staff can rapidly setup onsite testing to conveniently and efficiently test your workforce, reduce the risk of further transmission, and safely return to work.

“We’re doing this much faster than I had thought, which I appreciate very much. That’s on me for not realizing how efficient your turnaround is. I’m impressed, and thank you.” Allen Harris, Founder, BMM

Contact us today to learn how we can help ensure that your business stays compliant with stringent OSHA requirements, CDC recommendations, and EPA standards as you and your employees return to normal operations.

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